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Jordan Carroll

The Unique "No Application Remote Job Search" Strategy

A Talk by Jordan Carroll (Owner, The Remote Job Coach)

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About this Talk

There has never been a better time to master your remote job search. Jordan Caroll has worked at a Fortune 100 company, multiple start-ups, and his own businesses — all remotely and all in different industries over the past 5 years. Jordan has taught dozens of people how to do the same as #TheRemoteJobCoach!

Tune into this session to:

• Understand if the dream of remote work is it actually for you (Honesty is the best policy: it’s truly not for everyone)

• A simple 3-step system to use so you can stand out from the thousands of others who are still using traditional application methods

• The biggest mistakes most remote job seekers make

• Hacks to help you optimize your social media presence to get visibility by the right people

• The 5 x 5 x 5 networking system. This easy and sustainable digital networking technique helps you virtually connect with the right contacts

Ever thought to yourself, "What if I didn’t have to wake up in a rush every morning just to beat the traffic to work the corporate 9-5?" then you need to tune in for this.

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About The Experts

Jordan Carroll

Jordan Carroll

Owner, The Remote Job Coach

Jordan is a Forbes featured Remote Job Coach who helps high performing individuals and companies make the transition to remote work.