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The Invisible Home Gym: How To Stay Fit At Home

A Talk by Eric Rakofsky
Personal Trainer, Ladder

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About this talk

Let's face it: staying at home when you choose = THE BEST.

Staying at home when you have to... well, I'm sure you can finish this one.

And to make it that much worse, most major gyms, as well as simple apartment gyms are locking their doors.

What's a hustler with muscles to do?

Enter: Coach Eric.

In this session we're going to be walking you though the functional movements you can do at home with ZERO equipment. We'll also touch some of the finer points for how to keep your self healthy during this time from a holistic perspective (think: tips on nutrition, focus, stress, energy, etc).

And you'll even be able to ask Coach Eric all your burning questions about how to get that six pack without leaving your house 💪

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