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Tim Campos

The Future of the Future of Work

A Talk by Tim Campos (Co-Founder, Woven)

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About this Talk

The way people are meeting is changing. Everyone has seen the rapid growth of Zoom over the past few weeks, but what does that mean? You've probably been bombarded with links to meetings and dealing with Zoom overwhelm. The future of work is here and it arrived ahead of schedule. Going forward, this means two things:

1) More than ever, workers need to be intentional about how they use and spend their time

2) Users need tools that are built for this new way of work.

If you want practical ways to pro-actively protect your time then you need to tune in for this session!

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About The Experts

Tim Campos

Tim Campos

Co-Founder, Woven

CEO of Woven. CIO at Facebook, 2010-2016. Board member, Rackspace & Viavi