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Aiden Carroll

Marketing, Measurement, Mistakes: Make the Right Choices, & Keep the Lights On

A Talk by Aiden Carroll (Co-Founder, The Coloring In Department)

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About this Talk

Raise your hand if you have a website? Doing some form of communication to keep in touch with your customers? Great.

We don’t need to remind you that today is a very different world than it was yesterday. And we know attention and priorities have shifted, we know because we are in the same boat. Tracking your campaigns and inbound traffic is not just a nice to have, it’s a need to survive. We just don't have the cash to waste. You need to know what’s working, what’s not, and use data from your analytics to justify your budget and resource allocation so that you can keep doing super smashing marketing wizardry. You need to know which wood is dead, and which is flourishing. Also known as, a good job.

However, the data you’ve in Google Analytics might not be quite as good as you think.

After this session, you’ll understand:

• How the Google core reporting API crunches your acquisition data

• How to identify if you have any tracking problems (i.e visitors being allocated to the incorrect marketing channel and skewing your reports)

• The process behind strategic channel planning to make sure your marketing effort is allotted correctly and give you a free process and template to do it for yourself.

In short, you'll make stronger choices, survive, and thrive!

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About The Experts

Aiden Carroll

Aiden Carroll

Co-Founder, The Coloring In Department

Taught 65,000 People - Co-Founder of The Coloring In Department - Creator of Google Squared - Global Lead Digital Instructor at General Assembly