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Sean Croxton

How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur in 2020

A Talk by Sean Croxton (CEO, Underground Wellness, Inc.)

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About this Talk

We sit down with Sean Croxton, podcast host, entrepreneur, and prosperity teacher.

Sean is the creator of The Quote of The Day Show, the internet's #1 daily motivational podcast and Money Mind Academy, an 8-week course that will completely change your relationship with money.

What makes successful entrepreneurs different from the rest?

How does the creative process work? (and why most entrepreneurs have it upside down!)

We talk about the mindset obstacles that keep entrepreneurs from taking action and having the success they want.

You’ll learn: - The 4 F’s - Filters, Fear, Feeling, Flow - How childhood programming about money, sales, and marketing is killing your business. - The brain science of entrepreneurial sabotage. - The 3 main fears that stop entrepreneurs in their tracks.

If you haven’t been as successful as you’d like to be, Sean will show you a side most mentors and teachers never really discuss.

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The Money Mind Reset: 5 Steps to Changing Your Relationship with Money


About The Experts

Sean Croxton

Sean Croxton

CEO, Underground Wellness, Inc.

Sean Croxton is the host of The Quote of The Day Show podcast and the creator of Money Mind Academy.