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Chanti Zak

How to 10X Your Lead Generation with Quizzes

A Talk by Chanti Zak (Founder,

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About this Talk

In this session of the Remote Work Academy we talk with quiz creator, Chanti Zak, about how she helps online business owners at all stages grow their lists by thousands!

What You'll Learn:

• The psychology behind WHY quizzes are so irresistible and how any online business can use them to spark conversations and conversions

• Different types of quizzes every online entrepreneur should have in their back pocket (hint: this goes beyond personality vs. score based)

• Examples of online quizzes from service providers, course creators, coaches, and eCommerce companies generating thousands of leads every month

• The S.A.V.E Matrix you can use to save yourself from falling into common quiz traps

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How to Use Quizzes to Grow Your Email List 10x Faster Than Your Average Lead Magnet (7-Part Course)


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Chanti Zak

Chanti Zak