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Patrick Campbell

Constraints & Leverage: How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant

A Talk by Patrick Campbell (Co-Founder, CEO, ProfitWell)

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About this Talk

In this session, we sit down with Patrick Campbell, the incredibly impressive founder and CEO of ProfitWell.

If you’ve been in the SaaS space for any length of time, chances are you’ve either come across him, his products, his conferences, or any of the thousands of pieces of high quality content that his team is constantly putting out. Patrick is a former NSA analyst, Google employee, and now the founder and CEO of ProfitWell, an analytics dashboard for subscription businesses that helps reduce churn, optimize pricing, and grow your subscription company, end-to-end. We’ve been using ProfitWell for over two years at AppSumo for our subscriptions and it’s been impressive to watch them scale and grow during that time.

And in this interview we dive deep on a wide variety of topics, including: how to get creative with your business model, how to scale your content to look like a $100M company, and why Patrick was determined to build a growth business, not a lifestyle one.

We also talk about the challenges and opportunities of optimizing not just your content creation process, but also your content distribution model.

We even get a sneak peak at what it’s actually like to get recruited by the NSA (Hint: they don't slide you a card under a beer at a bar).

So if you're an entrepreneur interested in maximizing your business to its highest potential, then you definitely wont want to miss this interview.

And if you stick around till the end, you’ll even hear Patrick answer questions directly from the Sumo-ling community.

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Patrick Campbell

Patrick Campbell

Co-Founder, CEO, ProfitWell