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Panos Siozos

Elevate Your Game: How to Create and Sell High-Converting Online Courses

A Talk by Panos Siozos (Co-founder and CEO, LearnWorlds)

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About this Talk

The online course market is already mature, and new course creators often struggle with attracting attention, launching successfully and securing recurring sales and subscriptions. Especially now, with the Coronavirus pandemic a lot of entrepreneurs are taking their training programs online, trying to attend to their business continuity and satisfy the high demand for e-learning.

In this session, we sit down with Panos Siozos to understand how course creators can create engaging online courses, with outstanding value, so they can stand out from the competition, and increase enrollments. Not everyone can spend hours creating and editing new course content; but today, with the right tools, you can re-purpose your existing content, e.g. a blog post or a presentation, and turn it into a highly interactive course.

In short, you'll learn:

  • How to use e-learning tools to enhance the learner experience (such as interactive video, interactive e-books, community of students, unique learning paths, assessments and more!)

  • How you can get started in e-learning with no special tech skills.

  • What impact the Coronavirus crisis has had on the e-learning industry and why online courses are still a great way for entrepreneurs to create additional income streams.

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About The Experts

Panos Siozos

Panos Siozos

Co-founder and CEO, LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds started as an innovative e-learning product that CEO Panos Siozos created with his co-founders while doing research for their PhD in e-learning. Since then, LearnWorlds has evolved and grown to be among the top online course platforms with a 5-star rating by its users.