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Jordan Steen

President, Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Jordan is the owner of Cereal Entrepreneur Academy and has been involved in the digital marketing space since 2007. Cereal Entrepreneur Academy, which educates its students on digital marketing principles like Social Media Marketing & Ads, Website Design, Email/SMS Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Search Engine Optimization, has over 4,000+ students enrolled that have generated over $50,000,000+ in revenue.

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Jordan started R&B Marketing because he wanted to use his extensive experience— over 10 years— and knowledge to help other businesses succeed. He also founded Cereal Entrepreneur, an online school that helps others learn about digital marketing strategies and start their own agency. With thousands of students and hundreds of success stories, it might have been said once or twice that he is the G.O.A.T. of marketing. Jordan often speaks at marketing conferences, where he enjoys sharing the lessons learned during ten plus years of marketing and would love to share some gold with your business!

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Jordan Steen